Take science and technology as the guide
            Seeking development through innovation

            Founded in 1965, the company is restructured from state-owned enterprises. Now it has developed into a comprehensive machinery manufacturing enterprise which mainly produces transmission machinery, hydraulic machinery and lifting machinery products and integrates scientific research and development, design and manufacturing, product sales, installation and maintenance services.

            The company has professional mechanical product research and development, design, production, service capabilities. Cutting edge development, design, process and technical force; It is equipped with complete mechanical processing equipment; Strong ability of welding, forging, casting, heat treatment and surface treatment; Modern physical and chemical, measurement, detection and test means; Standardized quality management operation system; Scientific modern enterprise management system and method; Diversified marketing and service network combining traditional and contemporary. Create a good brand and reputation of the enterprise.

            The company has nearly 50 years of production history of water conservancy and hydropower hoist and "three in one" reducer, with an annual design production capacity of 500 million yuan. At present, the leading products are: capacity of 50-10000kn, 2 × 50-2 × 10000kN qpzs, qpzsg, qpzst (m), qhzs series new closed (multi speed) winch hoists and QPQ, qpk, QPT, qpg, QHQ series fixed winch hoists, with capacity of 63-10000kn, 2 × 63-2 × 10000kN qhsy, qhly, QPPY, QPKY, qry series hydraulic headstock gear with capacity of 50-3200kn, 2 × 50-2 × 3200kn series mobile hoist with capacity of 50-750kn and 2 × 50-2 × 750kn series screw hoist, various hydropower station gate, gantry crane, trash cleaning machine, trash rack, etc., are widely used in reservoir, electric drainage and irrigation, hydropower station, water conservancy project and other water conservancy and hydropower projects; There are QS, QSC, QSE, qsk, QSR, QSF series "three in one" reducers, CHC (d) series gear chain less tooth difference (multi speed) reducers, QJ, YQ, DCY, zqa, ys, yse series hard tooth surface reducers, medium hard tooth surface reducers and other kinds of non-standard reducers, which are widely used in lifting transportation, metallurgical mines, railway ports, forestry, national defense and other industries; Special equipment products include bridge crane and gantry crane; Other mechanical and electrical products developed in succession include zxl brake load limiting coupling, zlyz drum inner and outer double brake device, khc-i distance measurement and control instrument, portable three contraction and three fold axle transmission bicycle, etc. The series of hoist products have obtained the product use license issued by the Ministry of water resources. The national standards of hoist (GB / T 10597-2011) and hydraulic hoist (GB / T 14627-2011) are drafted by our company; The series of "three in one" reducer products have won the first batch of product quality approval certificates issued by the national quality inspection center. The national industry standards of QS, QSC, QSE three in one reducer for crane (JB / t9003-2004) and CHC gear chain reducer with small tooth difference (JB / t11618-2013) are drafted by our company.

            The company has won many honors and awards, such as high-tech enterprise, national intellectual property advantage enterprise, star enterprise of China Machinery Industry Federation in revitalizing equipment manufacturing industry, pilot unit of innovative enterprise construction in Hubei Province, provincial and ministerial science and Technology Progress Award (seven items).

            Address: 138 Tongxin Road, Yong'an Avenue, Xian'an District, Xianning City, Hubei Province

            Legal representative: Wan Mingyan (Chairman and general manager)

            Tel: General Office 0715-8322725 (fax)

            Engineering Technology Research Center 0715-8340641 (fax)

            Sales Department 0715-83201308322672 (fax)

            Manufacturing department 0715-83162018316205 (fax)

            After sales service hotline 0715-8375163

            website:www.avabelladesigns.com    mailbox:shjd@xnshw.com

              General office 0715-8322725 (fax)

              Engineering Technology Research Center 0715-8340641 (fax)

              Sales Department 0715-83201308322672 (fax)

              Manufacturing department 0715-83162018316205 (fax)

              After sales service hotline 0715-8375163


              Email: shjd@xnshw.com

              address:138 Tongxin Road, Yong'an Avenue, Xian'an District, Xianning City, Hubei Province

            PRODUCT CENTER

            whole Hoist Reducer Hoisting machinery Three fold bicycle Brake load limit hydraulic machinery


            • Application of closed winch hoist in Tianjin Section Project

            • Applied to water conservancy of Qingyi River in Anhui Province

            • It is applied to the project of Huibu section in Shandong Province

            • It is applied to the control gate project of Jinghe River in Honghu Lake

            • QSE series reducer applied in roller production line

            • QSC series reducer is applied to gantry crane running mechanism

            • Qsk series reducer is applied to port gantry crane

            • It is applied to the type closed winch hoist

            • Bridge crane is used in factory workshop

            • Test dam project of Lushui Three Gorges Dam in Chibi, Hubei Province

            • It is applied to Qingyuan Water Control Project in Guangdong Province

            • The brake load limiting coupling is applied to the reducer

            technological innovation、 Improving quality、 System control Offer

            Offer high quality products、 Only honor and respect、 Sincere service

            7 * 24-hour service hotline: 0715-8375163

            OUR ADVANTAGE

            1 Cutting edge product R & D capabilities

            Adhering to the business philosophy of "taking science and technology as the guide and seeking development through innovation", the company has actively implemented the innovation driven development strategy, established a hydraulic machinery engineering technology research center recognized by the science and Technology Department, established a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with famous universities and scientific research institutes, and carried out extensive R & D cooperation in common technology fields such as hydraulic machinery, transmission machinery and lifting machinery products As a result, the products continue to bring forth new ideas, promote the sustainable development of enterprises, and promote the technological progress of the industry.

            2 Strong production capacity

            All kinds of special and complete mechanical processing equipment, strong welding, forging, casting, heat treatment, surface treatment capacity, to ensure the production capacity of 300 million yuan / year.

            3 Excellent quality assurance ability

            Standardized quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system, modern physical and chemical, measurement, testing, testing means, to create the enterprise "three King" brand good reputation.

            4 Rich enterprise management experience

            The core value of the company is to establish a century of three in one and develop modern industry. Perfect corporate governance institutions and standardized modern enterprise management system have formed a people-oriented long-term management and incentive mechanism to ensure the long-term stability of enterprises.

            5 Perfect marketing and after sales service network

            Relying on the marketing one, "one belt, one road and the other side of the country", the company has established a comprehensive strategic partnership between the upstream and downstream enterprises, and promoted the healthy development of production and operation of enterprises. The company relies on the "Hubei as the center, radiating the whole country, expanding the whole country along the road". The company has set up a full-time after-sales service department, which is responsible for the "Three Guarantees" of the products within the warranty period, implements lifelong maintenance services for the products, and ensures that the needs of the users can meet the on-site service needs of users in a timely manner, and the professional and rapid service has won wide praise from users.

            Sanhe Xianning - quality machinery manufacturer

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